[A-DX] 1395 kHz Popmusik

M. van Arnhem
Fr Sep 9 15:16:22 CEST 2016


There is, what I understand, a severe disagreement in the group behind the
Atlantis license, and the name on 1395 kHz changed recently to Atlantis
Amsterdam. "Original" Atlantis crew seems to carry on on the web.


Yes, that is correct. There is a group that started 1395 Atlantis Radio in
Friesland ( N. part of The Netherlands). The license holder has agreed a
cooperation with another web station ( Atlantis Amsterdam). This license
holder did not tell anything about this agreement to his co-workers in
Atlantis Amsterdam is now streaming its programs over 1395. However,
Atlantis Amsterdam says it's main goal is internet radio, so who knows what
will happen in the future...
The Netherlands

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