[A-DX] commonandprecious 6398.5 kHz

Sa Sep 24 20:05:34 CEST 2016

Am 24.09.2016 um 18:37 schrieb Felix Name auf Wunsch gelöscht:
> Der QTH locator kann mehr als 6 Stellen haben. Auch "jo62sk52" ist 
> einer, bloß eben genauer. Kann man sich z.B. hier angucken:
> <http://no.nonsense.ee/qth/map.html>
> Die Gegend sieht aus, als ob man dort durchaus eine Bake verstecken 
> könnte.

Ja, so etwas hatte ich auch noch im "Hinterkopf", mit dem genaueren 
Locator, nur das "w"  wäre dann etwas komisch.

> Und das w steht dann vielleicht nicht für "Watt", sondern einfach für 
> "with".

Tja, vielleicht. Aber...   Google-Ergebnisse zur  10237,6 kHz waren:

"............A strange HF propagation beacon operates in the last few 
months on 10237.6 kHz CW. It repeats the message: "JO62SK 5W DIPOLE 
JO62SK COMMON AND PRECIOUS". The string JO62SK is probably a Maidenhead 
locator centered at Aldershof, a German town southeast of Berlin.


"...Mystery  CW  beacon:-  I  don't  know  what  this  is, probably  
nothing  to  do  with  the  espionage  trade,  but  comes under  the  
general  heading  of  “weird”.
First  noted  at  the  end  of  October:-
31-Oct-15,  Thursday:-  1626 UTC,  10,237 kHz,  point  something, I  
think,  a  slow  Morse  transmission,  found  while  tuning around  
with  the  receiver  in  the
AM  mode,  at  first  assumed  it  was  one  of  those  Single Letter  
Transmission  clusters  but  upon  switching  to  CW discovered  it  
wasn't. It  was  sending,
“JO62SK  common  and  precious   JO62SK  5W  dipole...”

Da sieht es eindeutiger nach "5 Watt"  aus.
auch auf der QSL-Karte:

bzw. hier:


Jetzt fand ich Konkreteres:   ===>  "Re: Beacon Project "Common and 
Precious II" (on air, 6.398.5kHz, 25W) "


".......................Heyho,   Eh! Noticed a bug in the firmware. It 
sends "52W" instead of "25W". Lucky me, that I kept the TX-Box hidden on 
the ground this time. The controller is fittet into a socket, so I can 
replace it without big trouble.
Also the first reports came in. Made my day. Smiley
I wonder when the first oversea reports will arrive.

Board after cleanup.

Did some fun-testing:

- 60W Po, 81% effiency.
- 30W Po (nominal value): 86% effiency.


"...............I had the setup installed in my garden before. But due 
to it's length (almost 22m) I had trouble running the wire Dipole high 
enough without getting it caught in trees. Back then it got already 
obvious, that adjusting it will be another pain-in-the-you-know-what.

I tried to fool myself by believing it'd go easier on the roof because 
there's no trees around and I could work with the already installed 
support poles. Well, it didn't get that better. Maybe I cut the wire 
some centimetres too short (well, shouldn't have that much of an effect 
on 40m anyway) or it's just about the plain fact, that the height of 3m 
is just too low for the frequency. Especially since the ground is highly 
conductive. You remember... metal construction...."


Damit sind die "falschen" 52 Watt klar,  es sind 25 W  an einem Dipol.