[A-DX] VOA Radiogram, 1-2 October 2016

Fr Sep 30 17:16:17 CEST 2016

Am 30.09.2016 um 15:21 schrieb VOA Radiogram:
> Hello friends,
> Last week, some listeners heard and decoded MFSK32 transmissions just 
> before and just after VOA Radiogram Saturday at 1600-1630 UTC on 17580 
> kHz. The source of these transmissions is unknown. This Saturday, 
> please listen (and, if possible, record) on 17580 in the minutes 
> before 1600 UTC and after 1630 UTC to see if the mystery MFSK32 returns.


Decodierter Text war u.a.:

......."Asterisk", specializing in the repair and modernization of 
submarines for the first time faced with such a volume of new work for 
themselves on surface ships cruising class. Low ready for it were and 
counterparty organization. Today it is on the subcontractors the company 
entrusted with the main task to eliminate cruiser repair delays, what 
specifically referred to in the minutes of the meeting of the text. 
Constraining factors were the late delivery of the documentation for the 
main engine control system from design organizations, its 
incompleteness, the long duration of the pre-commissioning and 
identification of emerging faults, the novelty of the automation system. 
Also for the first time shipyard had to deal with refrigerators repair. 
In addition,they have thirty years of operation, the factory has sunk 
into oblivion. Analogues in Russia there is no such machines, as well as 
specialists in their maintenance and repair. The company "VNIIHOLODMASH" 
(Moscow), holding their recovery, showed its complete incapacity and 
incompetence in matters of repair and adjustment of the equipment. The 
delay in the final commissioning of machines in operation does not give 
in full and appropriate quality to carry out mooring trials of such 
systems as the main weapons systems, communications, radio aids. Lack of 
experience and specialists in co-executor of work slows down the 
process. Nevertheless, by the end of months of work on the refrigerating 
machines to be completed. Such a task is set commander. The situation is 
similar for gas turbine control system due to the low qualification of 
the counterparty professionals involved in the repair and commissioning 
of the system. "Asterisk" - the prime contractor of the contract to 
restore technical readiness "Marshal Ustinov's", so it is today, it is 
making every effort to mobilize its own forces and provides tasks to 
enterprises subcontractors. For all problem areas of working groups of 
representatives of "Sprockets" contractors, personnel of the ship. In 
order to ensure the timely release of the ship into the sea is adjusted 
2-D and 3-shift operation of all relevant departments and enterprises of 
counterparties, groups are strengthened with additional specialists 
drawn graphics mooring trials completed.
Please mail:      ......"


Na ja, "etwas mysteriös".   So "richtig mysteriös"  sind aber die 
vielen  verschlüsselten  Botschaften auf der Kurzwelle...... ;-)