[A-DX] aus dem Club der alten Herren ...

Wolfgang Bueschel
Mi Apr 26 12:25:42 CEST 2017


SWEDEN   Arctic Radio Joenkoeping on MW 1593 kHz on 6-7 May.

Please find ARC's pressrelease .
Best regards/ Bengt

Arctic Radio Club in Sweden celebrates the 2017 Convention in Joenkoeping,
Sweden May 6 & 7th. Our radiostation (the radiovan above) will be on the
air with many different type of programs, mostly in Swedish. The transmitter
will have a power of 250 W (ERP) on 1593 kHz and the antenna is located on a
high hill near lake Vaettern. In the evening of May 5th we will start tests.
There will be station identifications in English, too.

The official start will be May 6th at 1900 UTC and the programs will be
running until 1100 UTC on Sunday noon.

On the 7th there will be a program dedicated to the local SR P4 Radio
Joenkoeping that celebrates its 40th year of broadcasting. this year. This
program starts at 1000 UTC and will be in Swedish. Until the station signs
off at 1100 UTC.

Reception reports are appreciated and a special QSL-card is issued,
if you enclose return postage in your letter.
Reception reports by e-mail will be answered by an e-QSL.


Ronny Forslund
Arctic Radio 1593
Vita Huset
SE-17995 Svartsjoe, SWEDEN, Europe

E-mail:  <info -at- rock.x.se>
(Bengt Ericson-SWE, ARC  April 25)