[A-DX] Log: GB5RC

kai-uwe.hoefs at ewetel.net
So Aug 6 13:20:07 CEST 2017

GB5RC 'Radio Caroline' auf 7141 LSB.


SWL reports

We appreciate this will be a busy station and due to the nature of the  
event, we encourage SWL reports.  If you send an SWL report, please  
make sure you list the exact frequency we were working on, the time  
you heard us and list the callsigns of two stations or more that we  
were talking to.  It would also be nice to know what radio and aerial  
you're using.

QSL Policy

 From anywhere outside the UK, please include an SAE and $2. Do not  
send stamps or any currency other than US$. Direct cards received  
without envelopes or the correct postage will be returned via the  
bureau.  No exceptions. If you'd like to add a few extra dollars to go  
towards supporting Radio Caroline, they will be gratefully received  
and passed on to the Support Group. Remember - If you don't manage to  
work us but would still like a QSL card, you can send an SWL report as  
detailed below. These are best sent direct and not via the bureau.

Please do NOT send IRCs. Direct QSLs to Keith Maton, 41 Bemerton  
Gardens, Kirby Cross, Essex. CO13 0LQ, United Kingdom.


Sie möchten also gern SWL-Reports, man soll mindestens zwei  
gearbeitete Stationen angeben und am besten "direkt" schicken mit 2  
US-Dollar Rückporto und keinesfalls IRCs verwenden.