[A-DX] Radio Caroline

Herbert Meixner
Fr Aug 11 14:39:40 CEST 2017


Radio Caroline North returns this weekend via Manx Radio 1368AM. This 
time it's a mega four day broadcast to mark the 50th anniversary of the 
law designed to stop offshore radio, the Marine Broadcasting (Offences) 
Act 1967.

Starting on Saturday 12th August we've more memories from our presenters 
at the time, then we'll link up with our big party in Clacton on Sunday 
13th. Tickets for this event are still available by clicking on 

On Monday 14th at 3pm we'll link up LIVE with Pirate BBC Essex for a 
special hour tracing Caroline's history and we'll look forward to what 
the future holds. And as ever Caroline continues, when the others 
didn't, past midnight into August 15th for a full day's broadcast ending 
at 6pm.

We'll give away more Tiptree goodies too. You could win an 'Afternoon 
Tea Box' packed with treats including a tea for two voucher, redeemable 
at any of the Tiptree tea rooms in the Essex countryside.

So join us online and on 1368AM courtesy of Manx Radio for four very 
special days, and a special guest you'll not have heard for 33 years, on 
Radio Caroline North.

Your emails are always welcome at