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Sa Aug 12 20:44:17 CEST 2017

ähnlich gestrickt Seite unter:


"...The government controlled the only television station that broadcast 
which, along with radio, was the primary source of news for much of the
population.  Six private FM radio stations broadcast in the capital, one 
radio station broadcast in the northern Tigray Region, and at least 19 
radio stations broadcast in the regions.  State-run Ethiopian Radio had 
the largest
broadcast range in the country, followed by Fana Radio, which was 
affiliated with
the ruling party. .."

"..Diaspora-run television stations have helped fill the gap, including 
the U.S.-based Oromia Media Network (OMN). Many students in Oromia told 
me that OMN was one way they were able to learn what was happening in 
other parts of the region during the protests. But since OMN began 
broadcasting in March 2014 it has been jammed 15 times for varying 
periods. Radio broadcasts are also jammed–as international broadcasters 
like Voice of America and Deutsche Welle have experienced intermittently 
for years...."

Jamming ? - Das betraf teilweise auch die RADIOGRAM-Sendungen der VoA.  
Hier eine Mix aus OTH-Radar und Noise-Jammer gegen OROMO VOICE RADIO:

bzw. direkt:

Gut zu sehen auch die +/- 360 Hz - Intermodulation mit der 
1500Hz-Datensendung (vom 360 Hz Greenville-Brumm)  +  die 
AM-Audio-Harmonischen auf + 3000 und 4500 Hz.

Da kommt einiges zusammen...... ;-)