[A-DX] Aussie Radio / 4KZ 5045

Willi Westrupp
Mo Aug 28 21:18:26 CEST 2017

Neues aus Neuseeland:

"Good signal into Opunake this morning. Recorded ID with kookaburra and waltzing matilda as test transmission from Aussie Radio along with email address for reports. 50s music." (Mike Smith via dxdialog) Und Roger Abbot schreibt: "I assumed it was 4KZ with their new shortwave service but it doesn't match their live feeds. Have been listening for over an hour with no station ID given." Brian Clark:"Since 0552 UTC today I have been hearing this new station with solid
signals, playing a classic hits format and with a "more music, less
talk" slogan."
Bei kürzer werdenden Tagen gibt es hier bestimmt Empfangsfenster.

73, Willi
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: K9AY terminated loop| 45-m horizontal loop
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