[A-DX] 207kHz Reykjavík very clear.

Marc Coevoet
Sa Dez 2 21:55:28 CET 2017


I use a Pioneer 44x tuner with a loop in the garden, gives me 8/9 signal
This tuner accepts 2mx2m loops, not all will accept this large loop, or 
such a "big" µH loop.  An indoor hulahoop (85cm) needs 3 turns to feed 
this tuner.


ISL - RÚV Rás 1/RÚV Rás 2, Eiðar (100) - 24h
Efstaleiti 1, 150 Reykjavík - w

Location: Vleteren, Belgium.
PS: Caroline 648kHz is just 9/9 the whole day.

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