[A-DX] Kiribati

Eike Bierwirth
Do Dez 7 07:14:39 CET 2017

Passend zum Advent - eine neue Herausforderung für unsere 
MW-Spezialisten: Radio Kiribati hat einen Sender auf der Weihnachtsinsel 
auf 846 kHz in Betrieb genommen!

Viel Erfolg ;)

==== Beginn Zitat DXLD ================
Appropriately as we approach the Christmas season, we learn that the
reactivated transmissions of Radio Kiribati on 846 AM are in fact coming
from a new location - London Village on Christmas Island, providing
coverage of the Line and Phoenix Group, including Kanton Island.  Long
time DXers will recall the last radio station on Canton Island - WXLE on
1385 AM.

See attached from the Radio Kiribati Facebook page.

Thanks to Theo Donnelly for encouraging me to do some sleuthing on this one!


Bryan Clark

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