[A-DX] Shortwave Radiogram, 16-17 Dec: five modes

So Dez 17 23:16:22 CET 2017

Am 15.12.2017 um 22:14 schrieb  [dxld]:
> Anticipating poor reception most places during this half hour, the 
> Sunday 2330-2400 UTC show on 11580 kHz will be entirely in the very 
> slow Olivia 128-2000 mode.
> Details and schedule:
> http://swradiogram.net/post/168569845272/shortwave-radiogram-16-17-december-2017

Last week three different OLIVIA modes, soon one of this kind again.
Time for a new comparison:
First a look at the intensity of the bit-interleaving. Simply realized 
by gaps of silence, of varying lengths, until there were data errors.
OLIVIA 128-2000 managed an outstanding 1800 ms, good for deep fadings 
down to zero.
The otheronesat 1400 to 1000 ms:


In the SNR test, I reduced the audio-levels to a limit, where there were 
significant differences.
Jointly winners: OLIVIA 128-2000 and OLIVIA 16-500

Just a disaster of text fragments: OLIVIA 64-2000 and OLIVIA 32-1000.


And always without problems: The RSID.
In multipath experiments, however, it is sometimes inferior to the 
OLIVIA modes.

I hope that I later do not fall asleep because of the slow decoding  
speed of OLIVIA 128-2K. ;-)