[A-DX] Radio Caroline

Markus Weidner
Mo Dez 18 19:11:28 CET 2017

Alles UK-Time, derzeit also = UTC. Die Caroline-Webseite verrät:

Radio Caroline AM service to open

Our aerial mast at the transmitter site

Weather and technology permitting, our programmes on 648Khz will commence originating from the Ross Revenge at 7.00AM on Friday 22nd December.

The changed schedule for the day will be :

7am	Johnny Lewis
9am	Top Fifteen
10am	Ray Clark – with the official launch at midday.
2pm	Kevin Turner
5pm	Resume normal programmes
No doubt Bob Lawrence, Martin Fisher and Jerry Wright will personalise their evening shows to mark the day.

Of course we are delighted to have found and secured what must be the best possible AM transmission site for our service. We thank Cobra Mist Ltd for this facility whilst noting that this is a private site which cannot at this time be visited.

So, another date for the Radio Caroline calendar of events and the inevitable question. Where do we go from here?

Am 18.12.17, 19:10 schrieb "liste im Auftrag von Peter Vaegler" <>:

    Guten Abend
    Freitag ab 07.00 Uhr  (UTC ?) soll die Station auf 648 kHz planmäßig auf Sendung gehen.
    Peter Vaegler
    QTH: Stralsund
    RX: mod. Degen DE 1103
    Ant. DE 34
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