[A-DX] Good signal from IBC on 5845 kHz

Do Dez 21 16:38:38 CET 2017

Am 20.12.2017 um 20:05 schrieb Alan Gale  [dxld]:
> Hi All,
> Just a reminder in case anyone has forgotten, the 100kW
> broadcast from the Italian Broadcasting Corporation is
> currently on 5845 kHz from 1900 to 2100 GMT.
> It's coming in well here in north west England at the
> moment, mostly Italian so far, but they usually have a
> little bit in english plus some datamodes in their
> regular programmes.
> Alan.

Yes, the data mode, that is a funny story ....

Obviously a "DJ"  wanted to improve the "acoustic impression" of the 
whole IBC-program a little bit.
He expanded the stereo impression by extreme phase shifts and the 
surround sound by additional echo.

But - this also had affected the FLDIGI-data track in mono.

And the result:   A bad MFSK-32 SNR due to "multipath conditions" in the 
original MP3 from the stream and thus "echo ghosts" in the MFSK-32 image.
(I ripped the original two-channel Radio Studio X-stream via the Internet.)

This "ghost" could also be seen in the picture via Armenia.
This means: they also sent the mono sum of this "enhanced stereo signal" 
via shortwave - what a fun.

On the other hand, I received fantastic images of the stereo balance and 
spectral phase from an originally monophonic FLDIGI data signal.
If someone does not understand what I'm talking about here, here's a