[A-DX] 2017-12-22, today, 14.00 MEZ = 13.00z, 5935 kHz Nauen 125 kW ===> Europe

Fr Dez 22 09:44:36 CET 2017



"....For all radio listeners, "welle370" still has a special Christmas 
December 22nd  at 14:00 local time (=13.00z) we transmit a Christmas 
concert like the (german) radio pioneers 97 years ago.
Broadcasting site is the historic radio station Nauen. From here, the 
welle370 program will be broadcast with 125 kW transmission power and 
can be received throughout Europe. It will be broadcast excerpts of the 
17th Christmas Concert  on the Funkerberg with the choir of the 
Friedrich Schiller High School Königs Wusterhausen and the 
District-Music-School Dahme-Spreewald.
There is also a "capture of radio history", Funkerberg news and listener 
We wish all listeners a good reception and look forward to numerous reports.
The "welle370" team."

"welle370"   ====> Usually "wave370"  transmits over a low power mediuum 
wave transmitter on 810 kHz  = 370 meter wavelength.

The broadcast will be in German, but probably contains a high percentage 
of music.
For the "early birds" outside Europe (beyond the Atlantic), this would 
probably be the most reasonable reception option:


+  ===>  AMsynch

And take a look at this too:


"On 16 July 2016 the Christmas Concert of 22 December 1920 was 
acknowledged as IEEE Milestone of engineering history."

"...Finally Dr. Barry L. Shoop read the text of the Milestone plaque:
Königs Wusterhausen Radio Broadcast, 1920
In early 1920, in this building, technicians of the Königs Wusterhausen 
radio station together with employees from the Telegraphentechnisches 
Reichsamt, began experiments broadcasting voice and music using an arc 
transmitter. By late 1920, tests had become successful enough to 
transmit an instrumental concert on 22 December -- the so-called 
Christmas concert. This transmission is regarded as the birth of 
statutorily regulated broadcasting in Germany."