[A-DX] 1025 UTC / 6160 kHz / Staffords Worlds mit Mark Stafford / 45444

Mo Dez 25 12:48:02 CET 2017

Am 25.12.2017 um 11:42 schrieb Markus Weidner:
> Aber wer das abstrahlt und von welchem Standort, ist mir unklar.

Re: [A-DX] LOG: 6160 kHz "Mark Stafford's World Flashback" O=4 via 

Am 31.10.2017 um 15:39 schrieb Roger:
 > "...This is Stafford's World".
 > https://www.facebook.com/mark.stafford.1806
 > http://www.markstafford.co.uk/index.htm
 > ".......Stafford’s World is a simulcast radio show available 
free-of-charge for re- broadcasting on any radio station. The shows are 
non-customised and contain no advertising. There are filler breaks 
allowing you to substitute your own ads and promos etc. Just drop an 
email to  for more information....."
 > In den "filler breaks"  kamen Durchsagen zu   "6160 
kHz....ww-shortwave....shortwaveradio....test transmission" etc.



"....We now have the 3975 kHz outlet ready to roll and had it tested 
extensively on Saturday afternoon into the night. Regular tests will be 
on the air from tomorrow onwards with the two channels alternating 
according to the schedule (see below) from now on. Please note we always 
keep an eye on the MUF (maximum usable frequency) so it may occur that 
we leave out a slot. This is usually the case on 6160 kHz in the 
evenings when interference from Asian stations is at a high level. 
Interesting to mention: we were successful in crossing the Atlantic on 
such an occasion near the end of October and received reports from 
America’s eastcoast...."

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