[A-DX] Weihnachtsgeschenk Ozy Radio

Di Dez 26 20:30:42 CET 2017

Am 26.12.2017 um 12:35 schrieb Christoph Ratzer:
> „Johno“ erreicht man direkt unter:

John Wright  ist Redakteur  beim  ARDXC, möglicherweise dann so eine Art 
QSL-Manager für Ozy Radio.

Besitzer und Betreiber von Ozy Radio ist ein "Craig Allen", der auch als 
auch Admin der Domain:   http://www.ozyradio.com/ eingetragen ist.

Am 26.12.2017 um 13:26 schrieb Frank H. Schuettig:
> Ich bin mir nicht ganz sicher (deshalb die Frage), aber ich glaube im PX kam

DXLD]     - - - - - - -  Ron wrote:

** AUSTRALIA. 5045, Ozy Radio. Sept 12, a day with very respectable
reception from this low powered station; 1156-1436; strongest feature
continues to be the old Radio Australia's "Waltzing Matilda," which
were always well heard at 1156, 1206 (end of news), 1218, 1240,
1249, 1305 (end of news), 1337, 1348 (end of news, which mentioned
"suburban Melbourne," etc.), 1357, 1406 (end of news - please listen
to my audio) and 1417; sometimes able to make out the Dacelo
novaeguineae; new email address - ozyradio @ gmail.com 
<http://gmail.com> given with
IDs; mostly playing pop songs ("Hooked On A Feeling," etc.); my local
sunrise was at 1347 UT.

With today's improved reception of Ozy Radio, also came improved
signal from China (Beibu Bay Radio) on 5050, which caused some
QRM for Ozy Radio, so was forced to listen in LSB for the best results.



".....5045   Ozy  Radio,  Razorback.  STOP  PRESS!
Reactivated,  test  transmission  from  0600,  first
heard by John Smith, but also reported by John
Wright, Richard Jary and Phil Ireland. Heard with
continuous  music,  relays  of  Australian
Independent  Radio  News.  Full  ID  1259,  request
for  reports  to   Strong
signal, to abrupt signal level drop or off 1319. 28/8...."


Editorial Deadlines & Addresses
Broadcast Band/FM
John Wright, 29 Milford Rd, Peakhurst, NSW 2210.
(email: )



"........................Sent a report via email to  , 
telling Craig(owner and operator of Ozy Radio) about my listening to Ozy
Radio today while parked at the beach........................"

====>     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpoZTyGAb3Q

In der oben genannten PDF auf der vorletzten Seite:

".... Radiotehnika Salut-001   -  By Craig Seager. VK2HBT

"....Inside we have thirteen circuit boards, some rather difficult
to get to, and I think a service job on the Salut-001 might be
followed by an Aspirin and good lie down! .............................."