[A-DX] (dxld) WRMI on 11580 kHz Sunday Night (29-30 January)

So Feb 5 19:33:55 CET 2017

Am 03.02.2017 um 04:42 schrieb  [dxld]:
> A little behind with my postings but here is a list of the programs 
> from WRMI on 11580 kHz last Sunday night from my 6-hour or so 
> recording (all nominal times UTC). Propagation on 11580 kHz is lasting 
> longer into the night as we get further from the winter solstice.
> 20:23 The Holy Gospel, in progress
> 20:30 VOA Radiogram 199 repeat, replacing DigiDX
> 21:00 Radio Slovakia International in English
> 21:30 Walking in Power
> 22:00 Main St. Church of Christ
> 23:00 Wavescan 414, first of two programs on the history of Radio 
> Australia (podcast should soon be available)
> 23:30 VOA Radiogram 200*, replacing DigiDX

With VOA Radiogram via DIGIDX/WRMI there are now pictures in "stream 

Wavescan 414 (20170129) is not yet available for podcast:

But here is a short audio recording:

This is a good explanation for these sounds:

And in Italy, a tender for synchronous transmitter networks is running, 
on the medium wave.......