[A-DX] [dxld] Blob from Brasil blox KBC

So Feb 26 09:40:39 CET 2017

Am 26.02.2017 um 01:14 schrieb Glenn Hauser  [dxld]:
> In case you are wondering what that awful bubbling noise is blocking 
> The Mighty KBC on 6145, its`s RNB/RNA Brasil. Like last night the blob 
> was first heard in the 6144-6157 range at 2315, and by 0000 had 
> shifted down to 6142-6152 or so, peaking about 6147, so maybe before 
> KBC is finished it will have drifted out of the way. A secondary 
> weaker blob of the same sort circa 6121, and by 2348 it was audible in 
> the LSB on 6115 WWCR. Glenn

The drift between 01.00 - 02.00z