[A-DX] Test 6045 kHz 14:51 UTC

Gottfried - - - - -kamp
Mi Jan 4 18:07:40 CET 2017

Testsendung mit Musik und Ansage der Mail-Adresse mit Bitte um einen 
Empfangsbericht heute um 14:51 UTC auf 6045 kHz.
Antwort kam per Mail.
vy 73 Gottfried

> Hello,
> Thank you for your report and I confirm the details are correct. These 
> transmissions were to fault-find on a 250/300 kW sender at the UK HF 
> transmitter station at Woofferton.
> These duration of these tests can be variable as the engineers can 
> sometimes need a long time to establish a fault or they may interrupt 
> the test, make an adjustment and resume. This is particularly so if 
> the fault is of an intermittent nature.
> Babcock, Woofferton is the only remaining UK HF sender broadcast 
> station and also is the only one with this transmission test audio and 
> email address.
> The audio is contained in a file play-out system and incorporates 
> non-copyright music and voice announcements from one of the engineers, 
> Martin 2E1EKX at the transmitter site.
> Thanks for your interest.
> 73
> Dave G4OYX,
> (Retired) Senior Transmitter Engineer Woofferton 1982-2012.
> Check out the video presentation of Woofferton on
> https://www.youtube.com/user/wooffertonuk
> There is also the history of WOF on
> http://www.bbceng.info/Technical%20Reviews/technical_reviews.htm

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