[A-DX] Fw: [BDXC-UK] Greek radio still recovering from the 2013 lockout: Mediumwave radio from Megara to operate again

Wolfgang Bueschel
Fr Jan 6 14:41:14 CET 2017

MW Athen 666 kHz,
es geht auch anders,
es werden nicht nur die modernsten MW Anlagen bei uns in die Luft gesprengt.

Dagegen will man in Athen die Diebstahlschäden von vor drei Jahren
überwinden, der Kupferdiebstahl wurde nie aufgeklärt.

73 wb

GREECE    Greek radio still recovering from the 2013 lockout:
Mediumwave radio from Megara to operate again

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Submitted by radiofono.gr on Thu, 05 Jan 2017

The medium wave broadcasting center of the Greek Radio in Pachi Megara is
likely to go live again after three and a half years, since the procedures
for the necessary maintenance and repairs have recently been initiated, with
a high possibility that one of the two transmitters will operate again soon.

It is worth noting that the broadcasting center, which used to host two
powerful mediumwave transmitters (the ones of multilingual "Filia" and of
EPA Sport) had been subject to looting by burglars, few days after the ERT
closure by the Samaras government, which left the premises unattended.

Since then, it has not operated again.

Repairs and maintenance.

As revealed by official announcements, ERT is launching a tender for the
maintenance of the building and electricity poles with a budget of EUR
18,703, while in December they proceeded with a maintenance of the broadcast
center and a cleaning of the 100 kW mediumwave transmitter. In November, a
dummy load was installed by a team of the ERT subdivision of structural and
electromechanical projects and they checked the generator Nautel, which
ensures the continuation of the broadcast in case of power outage. They also
installed a new grounding network in the main building of the transmitters.

Alongside, there were other smaller operations required for the safe
operation of the facilities, such as the placement of fire extinguishers by
a private firm, the restoration of the water supply, the maintenance of
fence lighting. In October there was also a visit by a private security
company, in response to a tender, whereas data were collected for the water
insulation and the lighting of the buildings where the transmitters are

One of the two transmitters in good condition.

Information indicates that the theft of 2013 severely damaged the
transmitter of 981 kHz, which ERA Sport had inherited from ERA4 / YENED,
powered 250 kW, and which intentionally operated at half of its power, to be
able to use the single existing antenna for both broadcast frequencies. The
burglars took away valuable copper from the components of the transmitter
and the cavities of RF duplexers, i.e. the necessary filters for the
coexistence of two transmitters on different frequencies.

However, the same sources say from the thefts of 2013 one quite recently
bought medium wave transmitter was saved. It is a transmitter NAUTEL NX100,
with a power of 100 kW, which relayed Filia at 666 Khz; it is the same model
as the transmitter which relays today the First Program from Boyati at 729
kHz. This transmitter was of significantly lower consumption compared to the
older machine, and it appears to have attracted the efforts of the

Since the transmitters of Megara ceased operations, only one national
program has continued to broadcast in the mediumwave from the Bogiati
facilities, which was guarded by the ERT employees, despite the closure of
the broadcaster.

Also, another powerful mediumwave transmitter, the one of Rhodes, has
switched off due to theft.

The broadcast center of Thessaloniki in Malgara also remains closed, while
few locale mediumewave transmitters continue, such as the ones at Komotini,
Corfu, Volos and Tripoli. Despite the general intention for savings, the new
administration of ERT seems to keep at least part of its commitment to
continue the operation of the structures that existed before the closure of

Sources: Diavgeia, ERT, Satleo forum.
articles: damages, mediumwave, public radio
geographical location: Megara
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Mediumwave radio from Megara to operate again

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