[A-DX] Fw: [BDXC-UK] 162 kHz will still be on air on 1 January!

Wolfgang Bueschel
Di Jan 10 16:33:39 CET 2017


von Mike kam heute diese mail via British DXC

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>I often read of an EU ruling, though I've never fully checked this, that if
>a public service broadcaster leaves a radio frequency it should be made
>available for commercial or other non public broadcasters.
> As to the time signal service this is a slightly edited version of the
> google translated press release about this:
> "The National Frequency Agency (ANFR) was commissioned by the Government
> to maintain the broadcast of the hourly signal after France Inter longwave
> closes down at the end of December. This service is widely used in key
> sectors of the French industry to synchronize more than 200,000 clocks.
> Since 1977, the frequency of France Inter also transmits a reference time
> signal elaborated from atomic clocks. This signal is inaudible but, when
> it is picked up by an appropriate apparatus, it provides French legal
> time. Some public service undertakings, such as SNCF, Enedis or Aéroports
> de Paris, but also local authorities, use this signal to synchronize
> clocks in public places, information panels, Public lighting or the
> synchronization of pay and display machines.
> This radio-synchronization service on the 162 kHz frequency provides a
> time reference of very high accuracy and reliability. It has the advantage
> of being better received in indoor spaces than other time bases, such as
> GPS or mobile phone networks.
> The Government wished to maintain the broadcasting of these hourly signals
> after the termination of France Inter's programs. In this context, it has
> tasked the National Frequency Agency (ANFR) to organize the maintenance of
> this broadcast as from 1 January 2017.
> ANFR, in close collaboration with TDF, the CFHM (French Chamber of
> Watchmaking and Microtechnology), and the main users of the signal, will
> carry out tests from the beginning of 2017 to adjust the parameters for
> broadcasting the time signal."
> You don't need 2MW to broadcast a limited bandwidth time signal to France.
> The UK and German time signal services are on lower frequencies which
> propagate for longer distances but Anthorn 60 kHz uses 17kw and DCF77
> Mainflingen uses 50kw. My radio controlled clock in North Hertfordshire
> works off DCF77 but not Anthorn. If there is no interest in the frequency
> they can begin these tests.
> I wouldn't be surprised in the long term if the French time signal service
> moved to a lower frequency though that would need modification or
> relacement of all the current clocks that rely on the signal.
> Mike