[A-DX] Log : 4965+6065 kHz, E, 1855...UC, VOHAfrica, 24.01.17

Wolfgang Bueschel
Di Jan 24 20:56:44 CET 2017

Details wurden dieser Tage im Fratzen-Book veröffentlicht,
da braucht's halt eine Verzögerung der Durchdringung,
weil Viele keinen Sinn der F-B Mitgliedschaft sehen.

36 km westwards Lusaka, from Makeni ranch transmitter site ...
Makeni bcasts waren hier in Europa schon immer stärker einfallend,
als die Lusaka 5915 kHz Transmissions.

wolfie df5sx

History 1994 bis 2011 year:
ZAMBIA   Permission has been given for a British based organization
"Christian Vision", to operate a tx in Zambia,
using the name "Christian Voice".
They have purchased a 100 kW Continental SW tx and hope to be broadcasting -
mainly in English - from Dec 1st.    (RNMN, Sept 1994)

ZAMBIA    At Dec 1st, at 1100 hours local time,  NEW radio station
"Christian Voice" introduced a new 100 kW Continental type 418-E 100 kW, and
the antenna is a TCI non directional antenna, on 6065 kHz at 1400-2030 UTC.
Now used with 50 kW of power only.
Is identical to an aerial put into service in Zimbabwe at same time.
Planned frequencies are 4965 & 7250 kHz also.
(HCJB Quito DX Party Line, Dec 1, 1994)

bis Mai 2011 in Service:

ZAMBIA   13589.611  CVC International 1 Africa from Lusaka in English,
36 km westwards Lusaka, from Makeni ranch transmitter site:
G.C. 15 32 17.43 S  28 00 04.87 E.
Log periodic antenna towards 315 degrees. S=6 at 1725 UT May 5.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 4, 2011)

über einen DXer in Kanada:

New Weekday Schedule for Voice of Hope - Africa
Morning broadcast to be replaced with afternoon/evening broadcast from 17:00
to 22:00 UTC on 4965 kHz (omni) and 6065 kHz (to West Africa).

I received the following personal message from Ray Robinson:
"I have seen a few messages lately, regarding the non-appearance of ZNBC-1
on 5915 kHz in their early mornings. You may be aware of the rolling power
outages called 'load shedding' the electricity utility in Zambia, ZESCO,
continues to impose daily throughout the country. The outages are at
different times in different areas, but at the Voice of Hope transmitter
site, the outages have been effect from 6-10am local (0400-0800 UTC) since
September. The ZNBC shortwave site is only a few miles from ours, and it
would be logical they are on the same outage schedule. I know from when our
staff visited their site a few months ago to buy some distilled water for
our transmitter cooling systems before our own still was up and running,
that ZNBC's genset is not currently operational, and I don't believe they
have the budget either to repair it, or to buy diesel for it, if it was
repaired and functional.

"My guess is they have decided it is not really worth the effort to
broadcast for the hour or so from 0245 UTC until whenever the power goes
out. (This is just my speculation.) They do use 5915 later in the day after
the much cheaper hydro power returns, but of course by then, the propagation
conditions do not favor inter-continental reception.

"As for Voice of Hope - Africa, we had expected the load shedding to end by
December (two months into the Zambian rainy season), but alas the outages
are continuing, with no sign of any change soon. Our own weekday morning
broadcasts on 9680 and 11680 kHz have been entirely powered from our genset
since September. This is expensive, and unsustainable. We have therefore
decided to make a schedule change from next Monday. Instead of broadcasting
weekday mornings from 0500-0800 UTC, we will switch to weekday evenings from
1700-2200 UTC, extending the duration of the broadcast from three hours to
five. The last two hours will be 'Night Light' presented by Stephen Mdoma,
reprising a program he used to present late nights years ago when the
station was known as Christian Voice We will be using the frequencies 4965
kHz (omni) and 6065 kHz (to West Africa), which may also afford better
opportunities for reception in ECNA after local dusk. The program schedule
on our website will be updated this weekend. We plan to re-launch the
morning broadcasts once the load shedding ends. I thought you might like to
"Ray Robinson
Vice President, Global Operations
Strategic Communications Group - Voice of Hope
Los Angeles and Lusaka
http://www.voiceofhope.com http://www.voiceofhope.com"

I presume that the weekend schedule (Saturday and Sunday 12:00 - 17:00 UTC
on 9680 and 13680 kHz?) is unchanged but am checking.

Richard Langley (Canada) dxld

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From: "Herbert Meixner" <>
Sent: Tuesday, January 24, 2017 8:07 PM
Subject: Re: [A-DX] Log : 4965+6065 kHz, E, 1855...UC, VOHAfrica, 24.01.17
4965 wurde inzwischen staerker und ist mit S=5 und O=3 in LSB zu hoeren.
Gewitterstoerungen, QRN und Fading.

Aber auch die 6065 ist inzwischen mit O=3 in AM/6 kHz 'vorhanden'.
S=9 und SeitenbandQRM.
Mit Gruss, Herbert
A-3160 Traisen
NRD 535DG, MiniWhip


Am 24.01.2017 um 19:18 schrieb Horst Mehrlich:
> Danke für die Info
> Konnte keine ID verstehen.Wie kam die Station bei dir an SINPO,
> bestimmt besser als bei mir. Ich konnte nirgends die Station gelistet
> auffinden. > Gruß nach Deutschland