[A-DX] (dxld) VOA Radiogram #200, 28-29 Jan

So Jan 29 17:04:10 CET 2017

  Am 28.01.2017 um 00:38 schrieb  [dxld]:
 > Again, mostly MFSK32 with some Olivia 64-2000 ...
 > VOA Radiogram, 28-29 January 2017: 200 shows, and beginning to lose 
count ...


"......VOA Radiogram, 28-29 January 2017: 200 shows,...
DigiDX is taking a few weeks off. VOA Radiogram will be heard during the 
DigiDX broadcast times on WRMI Florida and IBC Italy. See the expanded 


To the IBC 1 kW transmitter on 3975 kHz in Italy:
Are there any data known concerning  the transmitter coordinates and the 
legitimation of this broadcast ? - also alternative facts would be welcome.

Today, IBC DIGITAL transmitted (via 6070 kHz, Rohrbach, Bavaria)  a 
picture of a QSL card with the view in the WRMI studio.


The original picture can be seen here: