[A-DX] [dxld] Shortwave Radiogram, 8-9 July 2017

So Jul 9 19:20:47 CEST 2017

Am 08.07.2017 um 00:01 schrieb  [dxld]:
> After 32 years as a bureaucrat, Kim has moved to the private sector 
> with Shortwave Radiogram ...
> http://swradiogram.net/post/162706104467/shortwave-radiogram-8-9-july-2017-mfsk-mode

I trust more to the information of a Western bureaucrat than the 
pronouncements of an Eastern autocrat. ;-)

For image comparison of the modes:
MFSK64 - MFSK32: barely detect differences, MFSK32 minimal poorer.


MFSK16-MSFK32: significant differences, MFSK16 quite out of focus, blurred.
MFSK16 images are not useful, clear deficits for the same transmission 
time, despite bombastic RF signal.