[A-DX] Shortwave Radiogram, 15-16 July 2017

So Jul 16 01:36:14 CEST 2017

Am 14.07.2017 um 17:29 schrieb Shortwave Radiogram:
> I was amazed how well the MFSK64 (240 wpm) performed last week, even 
> under some marginal conditions. You can see videos of reception and 
> decoding via this link: 
> https://twitter.com/SWRadiogram/status/885863588677791746 . It would 
> be tempting to use MFSK64 as our “default” mode, except that there 
> would be enough instances of difficult reception that the number of 
> errors would be unacceptable. 

Faster modes with more words per minute  but also means:
In the case of a transmitter failure, I have to reconstruct more 
expected text. ;-)
This time, only OLIVIA 64-2K text was affected, so the word loss was not 
particularly high.
Also in Kostinbrod there are technical incidents as in Greenville ....
But the signals are very strong here and for the complete Sputnik-logo 
the RF of the modulation-pre-amplifier was sufficient.