[A-DX] CNR-10 17875 / 9620 kHz

Wolfgang Bueschel
Sa Jun 3 15:21:22 CEST 2017

CHINA  9620, - so langsam faded ein S=7 Signal herein, eines der Wartungs
Substitutes für die Beijing Mittelwelle 1053 kHz.

Tagsüber knall-bumm hier auf 17875 kHz,
ab 1300 UT dann umgeschaltet auf 9620 kHz.
73 wb

17875  CNR 10, Dongfang. Interesting use of this temporary shortwave NF
(until June 30, 2017) for the Voice of the Elderly MW service (*) on 1053
kHz MW while renovation of the AM txers is taking place. Noted at 0250 UT
with Chinese classical songs. ID at 0300 UT, then an interview program.

A fair signal on May 21.
* most probably CNR10 Beijing capital bcast center site.
(Rob Wagner-Vic-AUS  VK3BVW, ARDXC 'ADXN magazine June 2017', May 31)

17875even CHN  CNR 10 program, substitute now via DongFang Hainan Islands
installation substitute outlet, S=8 to S=9+5dB, at 1243 UT on June 2.
DongFang is a secret sce Jamming bcast TX facility,
which use 100 kW on AM mode, 30 kW DRM digital white noise bcasts.

On June 3 at 1305 UT CNR 10 px moved to 9620 kHz, S=9+30dB strength
signal in Nagoya Japan SDR. S=7-8 flatternd hier in Süddeutschland.
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 2 / 3)