[A-DX] Fwd: VOA Radiogram, 3-4 June 2017

Mo Jun 5 09:18:06 CEST 2017

Am 02.06.2017 um 21:23 schrieb VOA Radiogram:
> This weekend's VOA Radiogram is, as usual, mostly in MFSK32, with some 
> MFSK16. There is also some text in Amharic, the main language of 
> Ethiopia. You will need the UTF-8 character set for the Amharic to 
> display correctly. In Fldigi, UTF-8 is the default character set, but 
> you can check to make sure via Configure  > Colors & Fonts. In TIVAR, 
> UTF-8 is the only available character set.

On my old computer with Windows XP SP3 I only saw cryptic characters, 
although I have an additional installation for East Asian fonts.
But Ethiopia must obviously be somewhere else .... ;-)
On my Windows7-PC the stickmen fonts were immediately visible.
Here the results, even enlarged, for older persons with bad glasses: