[A-DX] Störer auf 6006-6008 kHz

Reinhard Weiß
Mo Jun 12 23:29:18 CEST 2017

Klingt für mich wie das hier:

This modem can use a low-rate robust 8-MFSK mode at 375 bps uncoded, 
100bps user data rate. For higher rates, 2-PSK, 4-PSK, or 8-PSK is used. 
With FEC, 5400 bps uncoded throughput. In ARQ mode, 4875 bps is 
possible. At the end of each transmission, an ALE is transmitted, 8-MFSK 
with 250 Hz spacing between tones.

Viele Grüße

QTH südlich von München
RX: R-5000, Perseus, E1