[A-DX] Fw: BBC British Antarctic Midwinter Special Frequency Testing Tonight

Wolfgang Bueschel
Mi Jun 14 22:16:57 CEST 2017

Tip, in einer Stunde Testsendung on air ...

yearly Antarctic mid-winter special to the British Antarctic team.

Heute Abend gibt es wieder einen Testlauf für die übliche
eintägige Antarktis Grußsendung nexxxte Woche am 21.6.

Wieder 7360 kHz Kanalbelegung, eine halbe Stunde,
Stephan bei HCJ Weenermoor wird es aushalten ...

73 wb

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Subject: [BDXC-UK] BBC British Antarctic Midwinter Special Frequency Testing
> There are a number of frequency tests THIS EVENING for the BBC Antarctic
> Midwinter specials next week.
> Wednesday 14th June - All times GMT
> 213000-214500    7360  kHz
> 213000-214500 -  6035 kHz
> 213000-214500    7230 kHz
> 213000-214500    5985 kHz
> Regards
> Martin (Goulding-WOF_2E1EKX, der Chef Techniker in Woofferton-UK)

aus 2016:
ASCENSION ISL/UAE/U.K.   BBC Antartica Special Winter Solstice
on June 21, 2130 UT. Bcast signed OFF exact at 22.00.08 UT.

Reception in Europe (Mediterranean Sea Area, Hungary, Austria, Central
Europe, Poland, Moscow Russia, and Central Sweden remote posts).

As usual as every year Al Dhabbaya UAE transmission is only fair due of
sidelobe path from UAE site towards Europe target.
6035 kHz is S=9+35dB signal in Doha Qatar ME.
S=7-8 in Central Europe, S=9+5dB in Warsaw Poland.
Better S=9+20dB as near like backlobe at Moscow Russia remote unit.

7360 From Ascension South Atlantic, S=9+35dB excellent also audio,
on all CeEuropean remote SDR posts, S=9+25dB in Moscow and Poland,
S=9+10dB in Central Sweden.

5985 out of Babcock Woofferton-UK,
POWERHOUSE in central Europe at S=9+45dB signal level,
S=9+25dB in Moscow, Russia sidelobe,
S=9+35dB backlobe in Central Sweden, north of Stockholm.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 21)

Test already on Tuesday June 14: excellent WOF and ASC signals to state
tonight. So, I checked various remote SD receiver sites in Europe tonight,
in Spain, Italy, and Greece:

ASC 7360 was ONLY CARRIER around 2136 UT S=9+20dB or -48dBm strength.
WOF 5985 kHz S=9+50dB or -24dBm.
WOF 9720 kHz S=9+45dB or -29dBm.
UAE 6035 kHz S=7-8 sidelobe, but also audio low modulated, couldn't
trace any program item, sure Europe is NOT the target area.

Woofferton and Ascension switched off around  2145:10 UT.
UAE Al Dhabbaya heard still til switch-off at 2147:35 UT.

The only adjacent QRM interference noted on 7360 / 7365 kHz channel,
of German low power domestic service from HCJB Weenermoor. But for
sure, that 'latter' is no issue in Antarctic target. 73 wolfy df5sx
(wb, ibid.)