[A-DX] "First SW Radiogram" 2017-06-25, 06.00z. 7730 kHz, via WRMI

So Jun 25 14:45:07 CEST 2017


"....The first Shortwave Radiogram has been uploaded to WRMI. Instead of 
the .wav file that I sent to the VOA North Carolina transmitter site, 
the file for WRMI is .mp3, 128 kbps. This should be more than adequate 
for good decoding, but if you experience problems that might be related 
to the audio format, please let me know...."

MP3-file   with  44,1 or 48 kHz Sampling?

This morning, only a reception via US remote stations made sense.
In addition to the fixed  "KIWI-SDR-slant"  (the same for all KIWI 
remote stations), I have to correct an extra slant of + 60 RX ppm.
Also the removal of noise from the MFSK-images with analogue SSTV 
related programs belongs to the "listener" business.
But after 4 years radiogram I am very familiar with such things.....


Also the new logo gets my sympathy. ;-)