[A-DX] {dxld} Re: Mighty KBC

So Mär 5 17:38:41 CET 2017

Am 05.03.2017 um 14:05 schrieb  [dxld]:
> People further south are having great reception. No so for the NOVA area.
> Good news: No QRM on 6040 or 6145 kHz.
> Bad news: Weak signal and poor propagation on both 6040 and 6145.
> Did hear a peak of S9 +20 dB on 6040 from approx 0030 to 0043 UT. No 
> such peak heard on 6145 kHz.
> Difficult understanding with deep fades at times.
> 73,
> Kraig, KG4LAC

This week the conditions were worse also  here in the F2 skipzone.  The 
audio signals sounded  smeared, and slightly lengthened by an echo.
KBC sent the same image in the radiogram, which means identical data 
were transmitted like last week.
This was a good way to compare the impulse length of the data tones,  
especially  the RSID.
In fact, these were somewhat "smeared", also optically, this weekend:


In the VOA radiogram yesterday  there was again a transmitter failure, 
this time of 38s.  (17580 kHz @16.06z)
However, it was back in time to send the image  for the first article - 
but it was the wrong picture - part of the second article: