[A-DX] Voice of Hope, She'ar-Yeshuv (Northern) Israel tested 1287 kHz mit 10 kW

Wolfgang Bueschel
Mo Mär 20 22:08:19 CET 2017

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> Es geht auch noch anders.
> Seit Sonntag liegt der neue VoHope Arabischsender in Nord Israel
> in den Geburtswehen.
> Auf der alten Prag Frequenz 1287 kHz schon im letzten Juli von VoH
> Robinson > angekündigt.
> Bengt Erikson in Schweden ARC hörte den ersten Test am Sonntag dem 19.3.
> mit 10 kW, nominal wird zukünftig bis zu 50 kW Leistung generiert.
> 73 wb

ISRAEL   Voice of Hope, Israel testing 1287 kHz.
She'ar-Yeshuv (Northern) 882 and 1458 kHz.
33 12 57.39 N  35 38 39.75 E


Voice of Hope tested Sunday March 19th on 1287 kHz with a power
of approx. 10 kW.

Bengt Ericson, Arctic Radio Club (ARC) is the first reporter worldwide.
They will be testing from the AM site at She'ar Yashuv in Israel and
expect to be on the air with regular programs in 2-3 weeks.

The answer from Ray Robinson, Vice President, Global Operations,
Strategic Communicatio Group - Voice of Hope:
"Hi Bengt. Yes, indeed we were (testing)!.

The transmitter near the Israel / Lebanon border were completed this
afternoon (Sunday March 19th) and at times they ran it with a test tone
mostly running at 10 kW, but they did run it up to 50 kW. Yours is the
first report we have received! We expect to be testing this week with
audio and ID "Saout al Amal" in Arabic pr in English "From the shores of
the Sea of Galilee, this is the Voice of Hope".

VoH station website is

(Information from Ray Robinson via Mauno Ritola-FIN,
ARC Arctic Radio Club Sweden, also on 19 Oct 2016.

Ronny B Goode on WRTH - World Radio Tv Handbook F_B Group, 20 March)

Congrats, Bengt!
Heard now also at my location with non-stop Arabic language songs.
Mauno Ritola-FIN, ibid, 1700 UTC, 20 March.
(via Alan Pennington-UK, BrDXC-UK March 20, 2017)

History of Voice of Hope broadcasts from Israel - Lebanon border area:

ISRAEL   In February this year, in an unprecedented move, the government
of Israel awarded us a license to re-launch Voice of Hope there,
broadcasting mainly in Aramaic to provide encouragement and support to
displaced Christians in camps in Lebanon and Jordan, and in Arabic to
reach Muslims with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

There will also be a few hours of English in the evenings.

The license we received awards us the clear channel of 1287 kHz
with an output power of 100 kW!

We have been assigned to an existing transmitter site in the Upper Galilee
region. The station is now under construction, and we plan to be on the
air by the end of the year. Isn't it interesting how things can turn full
(Ray Robinson, VP Operations, Voice of Hope
via John Durham, July NZ DX Times direct and via WOR dxld July 10, 2016)

1287 kHz used to be 100 kW at Ramle for Galei Tzahal, the IDF station
which was also on SW; really exactly same transmitter revived??
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, WOR dxld July 10, 2016)

Israel 1287 kHz (Re: DX Listening Digest #16-27)

Northern MW location in Upper Galilee region
is She'ar-Yeshuv (Northern) 882 and 1458 kHz.
33 12 57.39 N  35 38 39.75 E


3.5 kms south of Lebanon-Israel border.
I guess, is not a problem to change 1287 kHz ITU registration request
from Ramlah (Central) to She ar-Yeshuv (Northern) location.

Some MW and also two revolving horizontal SW log-per masts are still seen
on the northern site at Akko, via StreetView feature.
32 54 42.10 N  35 06 59.38 E


ISR  Akko 738 ex927 1206 1575 kHz
55 kilometers west of Upper Galilee region.

Old 1287 kHz MW Ramlah (Central) MW location

31 53 02.37 N  34 50 52.98 E

was 159 kilometers southwards of Upper Galilee region,
in central Israel,
not far from other Galei Tzahal Yavne transmitter site.

The old Voice of Hope station location in Lebanon at
LBN_former VoHope/King of Hope Marjaayoun MW 945 kHz 12 kW, 6215 50/13 kW

somewhere close this small village Marjaayoun
33 21 42.45 N  35 35 19.66 E  or Narbatieh greater area

is only 16 kilometers distance away of the new ISR MW location
at She ar-Yeshuv (Northern).
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 10, 2016)