[A-DX] Die ABC NT bald mit DRM wiederbelebt?

Sa Mai 6 00:13:44 CEST 2017

Am 03.05.2017 um 19:54 schrieb Christoph Ratzer:
> Man sendet seit wenigen Tagen auf 5045 kHz, 11-14 UT. Allerdings nur mit 75 Watt.
> Das ist dann eher was für Diplomsammler aus der Münchner Gegend…
> Kontaktadresse für Berichte:

Mit dieser  Mailadresse gegoogelt:   ===>    http://www.77400.fm/

".....We are transmitting from GREENWOOD (Western Australia) on the 
frequency of 77.400 Mhz and streaming online at www.77400.fm
Our schedule includes 80s and 90s disco/dance music and the News West 
Radio Amateurs news program, at 10am Sunday and then repeated at 10 am 
and 6pm every day.
Our aim is to provide a Happy and informative local radio station that 
you will want to tune into whenever you want some energetic music to 
cheer you up.
You can reach us by dropping us an email at 
We always welcome any comments, compliments or critics...."

Stream des HTML5-Players:
Mount Point /77400.ogg
Stream Name:         77400 The Hidden Channel ;-)
StreamDescription:  Western Australia's Happy Radio
Content Type:        application/oggStream
started:             Fri, 05 May 2017 21:39:20 +0800
Bitrate:             128
Listeners (current): 1
Listeners(peak):    2
Genre:               Happy
StreamURL:          http://www.77400.fm
Currently playing:   77400 The Hidden Channel ;-)

Hide and Seek.....

Die "77.4" MHz bringt:



70.00000 to 70.24375 MHz Nil NAS assignments anywhere in Australia
77.29375 to 77.49375 MHz only 1 NAS assignment in this band - on a
frequency of 77.4 mHz assigned to a station in South Australia

In the 100 mW category there's quite a few bands available for LIPD


1. 29.7–29.72
2. 30–30.0625
3. 30.3125–31
4. 36.6–37
5. 39–39.7625
6. 40.25–40.66

1. 70–70.24375
2. 77.29375–77.49375           <====  "77.4"  anscheinend LOW POWER mit  
100 mW
3. 150.7875–152.49375
4. 173.29375–17.....

so gesehen sind dann 75 W ziemlich viel,  und dann auch noch in "DRM",  
das macht uns "Happy!" ;-)

Momentan italienische Moderation, dann Mitternachts-ID  für "GR24".


Der Sender gehört zur Gruppe:   "24 Stunden"   - Hauptsitz Milano

Nicht alle Wege führen nach Rom.....