[A-DX] Shortwave Radiogram, 4-5 November 2017

So Nov 12 15:03:18 CET 2017

Am 07.11.2017 um 18:48 schrieb  [dxld]:
> The first two times I played back the image of the DW story on climate 
> change, it resulted in an image and colour shift (see first 
> attachment). But the third time, without adjusting anything in the 
> sound file softwave or Fldigi, resulted in a good but slightly noisy 
> image (see second attachment).

Here is another color correction by re-combination of the 3 basic colors.


You do not need a corresponding audio, the corrupted image is sufficient.
No trial and error is needed, this method is simple, comprehensible and 
always leads to the goal.
In this way, one could also repair larger images that have similar 
defect patterns due to defective media.