[A-DX] Bro Stair...

Christoph Ratzer
So Nov 12 22:39:26 CET 2017

Es gibt sie noch, die guten Nachrichten. Gerade auf Facebook gefunden:

(according to Craig Halpert)

"Today's revelation from Bro Stair; it was announced today that the Bro Stair broadcasts will come to a end in December.
He asks everyone to pray that the Lord call him home in the next six to eight days as he makes arrangements for his final placement.
This is of course subject to change if some kind benefactor will donate $1 Million or maybe $10 Million so he may go on a little longer.
According to Stair he hasn't reserved any transmitter time for 2018.

Stair has really been hitting his pending demise in the last week maybe he's on to something?“

73 Christoph