[A-DX] 15110 drm aus Kuwait

Wolfgang Bueschel
Di Okt 31 00:31:50 CET 2017

Übrigens, wer mal wieder sein eingerostetes DRM software Equipment nutzen
dank dem Tip von Walt von der Kanada Ostküste Exped:

heute am Montag morgen hier in Süddeutschland vor 11 UT
hier mit circa S=9+20dB schöner dicker Block 'gesehen'.
73 wb

KUWAIT   15110drm  at 1120- UT, Radio Kuwait, on Oct 29. First day of the
B-17 season period. Nothing listed here for A-17 in DRM, and I did a Google
search and found that Kuwait has used this frequency years ago. IDing as
'DRM Service A', with bits of Arabic coming through. Wonder her else might
still be out there in DRM! Not a single other DRM signal found on a quick
bandscan. Improving, as I expected, post LSR with mostly demodulated, and
confirmed Arabic.

15110 0945-1325 27,28 KBD 250 310 9 211 daily 291017-240318
DRM mode Arabic KWT RKW MOI
(Walt Salmaniw-CAN, Murray River North PEI, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 29)