[A-DX] Shortwave Radiogram, 30 March-2 April 2018 (with schedule change)

So Apr 1 11:54:31 CEST 2018

Am 30.03.2018 um 16:30 schrieb Shortwave Radiogram:
> This weekend, we'll skip the simultaneous text and image transmission, 
> but we will transmit one item (with image) in MFSK64. It is a story 
> about Dyngus Day, an obscure holiday on the Monday after Easter 
> celebrated in my native northern Indiana.

Nice try. 😉
Undoubtedly, there are also among Polish fellow citizens hard-drinking 
guys. But their feast-day is based on the consumption of alcohol, that 
should be "alternative facts". OK, funny story. For some people, 
however, the whole year is "April 1st", which is sadder.

Also the KBC story with the special guinea pigs is very cute.

Well, and then the double "garbage story".
With a look into the spectral view of the produced WAV that might not 
have happened.
Here, duplicate structure patterns by the MFSK images would be 
immediately noticeable (usually).

Nevertheless, even after 5 years, the "radiogram" is still a very 
interesting and educational matter.