[A-DX] "Reserve Military Retirement" [0001] auf dem alten Sendeplatz vom SWRG, Sonntag, 20.30-21.00z 7780 // 9455 [SYSTEM D]

So Apr 1 23:35:53 CEST 2018

"....A new program, which actually pays for the time, is supposed to 
replace Shortwave Radiogram today at 2030-2100 UTC on 7780 and 9455 kHz. 
But I'll be tuned in just in case ..."
"....The new program at 2030-2100 UTC is about US military retirement 
(especially reserve military retirement). Useful to its target audience 
if they are tuned in. .."

"...RCRetirement on Radio
RCRetirement has worked out a deal with WRMI in Miami, Florida. We will 
now broadcast a shortwave radio show at 2030 UTC (1630 EST) every Sunday 
starting 1 April.
You can listen at 7780 kHz on your shortwave radio....."

[War tatsächlich auf 7780 // 9455 kHz zu hören]

Posted on 2018-04-01 by D.J.

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