[A-DX] Fw: Germany - Up to 10 million people could be hit by threatened radio shut down

Wolfgang Bueschel
Sa Apr 7 20:30:36 CEST 2018

beim WDR wurde das Thema auch behandelt...

Am Mittwoch droht in Deutschland der große UKW-Blackout -
so das Horrorszenario...

über Preiserhöhung für uralte 30 Jahre Antennen,

keine Preisregulierung vorgesehen, weite Preisvorstellungen,
keine Härtefallklausel,


Sogar in meine Stuttgarter Zeitung hat es dieses Thema geschafft:


73 wb

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Subject: Re: Germany - Up to 10 million people could be hit by threatened
radio shut down

> The company Media Broadcast announced on Friday that it would cut off FM
> broadcasters for several radio stations if they did not immediately fulfil
> certain payment demands.

This translation is misleading. What the CEO said is that they need written
orders if broadcasters want them to keep their transmitters on air under the
offered interim solution. Which is just a matter of course, because
otherwise they risk to get no money for their service at all (for public
broadcasters VOL/B should apply – it would go way too far to start any
explanations here).

To put a long story short: They tried to get costs down by stringent
regulation of a monopoly. But no textbook about evil capitalists knows the
scenario that regulation can make a monopoly uneconomic, prompting the owner
of the monopoly to leave the regulated business altogether. Ooops.

For the public broadcasters binding transmission contracts should be in
place, with new contractors selected through a regular invitation of
tenders. Now its up to them to fulfil their obligations.

Kai Ludwig