[A-DX] Fw: Special DRM transmission of BBC World Service

Patrick Robic
Sa Apr 14 09:00:53 CEST 2018

Hallo !

Am 14.04.2018 um 00:25 schrieb Roger:
> https://www.radioworld.com/columns-and-views/can-digital-save-medium-wave
> Wohl der Knüller auf dieser Seite:    ".... (with the exception of 
> Hungary that recently installed a huge medium wave DRM transmitter)..." 
>           So so.

In dem Artikel findet sich übrigens auch die Hoffnung für alle, durch 
lokale Störungen geplagte, Hobbykollegen:

"But, and there is one but, in-band transmissions use Amplitude 
Modulation, and in the analog mode this results in quality degradation — 
on medium wave this is due to noise generated by industrialization. To 
remain relevant medium wave and shortwave bands must therefore be 
digitized in order to guarantee the necessary quality listeners wants"