[A-DX] BSR Radiogram #7 0727-0800z 5850 //7730 kHz / 57th birthday Radio Havana Cuba / via US-remote

Mo Apr 30 10:25:44 CEST 2018

RSID: <<2018-04-30T07:27Z MFSK-32 @ 7730000+1500>>

Welcome to the BSR Radiogram #7
for Broadcast on the 5th week of April 2018

In this episode...

1. Congratulations to Radio Havana Cuba on its 57th anniversary
2. A selection of pictures of Cuban postage stamps, all taken from my 
own collection.

As always, please send your questions, comments, QSL reports, etc. to me 

On May Day 1961, Cuba launched an international shortwave radio station 
with the intention of sharing its message to the world,
particularly in defending its socialist revolution in the face of 
growing hostility from the United States.
Radio Havana Cuba has existed since then, broadcasting a message of 
friendship and solidarity, with a special focus
on providing news and commentary from the perspective of those nations 
and peoples facing imperial oppression.

So happy 57th birthday Radio Havana Cuba! And visit them online at 

And now for the stamps...

RSID: <<2018-04-30T07:28Z MFSK-32 @ 7730000+1510>>

Sending Pic:398x477C;
Sending Pic:400x256C;
Sending Pic:350x499C;
Sending Pic:448x277C;


Für MFSK32-FLDIGI-Verhältnisse riesengroße Bilder.