[A-DX] 7750v, Rumen in Sofia berichtet von Warsan FM Radio. 10. Dez.

Wolfgang Bueschel
Di Dez 11 01:06:11 CET 2018

KENYA/SOMALIA  Warsan FM Radio (presumed) in VE confirmed on drifting freq 
as follows:
on 18 Nov at 1525 UT on 7750.0 kHz,
on 25 Nov at 1508 UT on 7748.0 and
on 01 Dec at 1515 UT on 7750.5 kHz.
Also on 1 Dec at 1900 UT on 7700.2 kHz.
Unid in Ve with nx & corresponcies by phone. Warsan Radio there is in
Kenya and in Somalia registered - they are two different ?
(Rumen Pankov-Sofia BUL, Dec 10)