[A-DX] Log: Testsendung Carillon Wellbeing Radio 1476 kHz 14:50 UTC

Mo Dez 17 17:13:22 CET 2018

Am 17.12.2018 um 17:04 schrieb Felix Name auf Wunsch gelöscht:
> Standort südwestliches Leicestershire. Offizielle Testsendungen ab dem 
> 17.12.2018 mit max. 1kW für 28 Tage.
> Quelle:
> <https://www.mediumwave.info/news.html>
> (13/12-2018) 

Auch etwas dazu hier:


Items from BDXC "Communication", UK & Ireland News, edited by Dave Kenny,
and members' postings to the BDXC Email News Service
New LPAM - Leicester Community Radio has launched on 1449 kHz. Paul 
Ewers confirms hearing the
station on 14 November and adds that "it was noisy about 3 miles from 
the city at M1/M69 junction, advert for
a welding company in Maidstone Road which I understand is where 
studio/transmitter is". Website is at
http://www.leicestercommunityradio.com Tx power is only 50mW.

A carrier was heard on 1476 kHz on 7 November. (Nick Rank) Although not 
confirmed it may have been
transmitter tests from Carillon Wellbeing Radio in Coalville, 
Leicestershire which was awarded a MW
community radio licence in July 2017. This is due to launch soon on 1476 
kHz with 250 Watts........................."

Auch interessant die Liste mit:
"...When were they last reported by a BDXC member?..."