[A-DX] Britische Community Radios,auf Mittelwelle (m3u)

Di Dez 18 15:45:21 CET 2018

Am 30.11.2018 um 09:14 schrieb Roger:
> Betrifft einen Artikel im ADDX-Kurier 2018-12:
> Da in dem Artikel Etliches nicht mehr so richtig funktioniert hier das 
> Ergebnis einer kurzen Nach-Recherche,
> was die Links betrifft:..................

> #EXTINF:-1,1179 kHz British Gurkha Welfare Society 
> http://radiobgws.co.uk/
> http://hyades.shoutca.st:8110/stream

> Alle Streams laufen momentan bis auf:
> 1.)  die Gurkha-Station    (Audio evtl. dann heute Mittag) 

Auf dem Link der Gurkha-Station ist nun ein 320kbps "Test-Stram" von 
TransplanUK zu hören:

Listing Status:   Stream is currently up but requires registration in 
the SHOUTcast Directory.
Listeners are allowed and the stream will act like it is private until 
Stream Status:         Stream is up (MP3 @ 320 kbps, 44.1 kHz) with 2 of 
9999 listeners (1 unique)
Listener Peak:          4
Avg. Play Time:        2 minutes 29 seconds
Stream Name:         This is my server name
Stream Genre(s):     Rock
Stream Website:      www.oddsock.org This is a private test stream from 
Transplan UK  <=========
Playing Now:            Tell Him - Eighties Ladies

"...transplan UK was originally conceived as a service planning 
transmission systems for Restricted Service Licence broadcasts, as it 
was evident that few broadcasters had the skills required to get the 
best cover of an area with the very limited power and height allowances 
from Ofcom.
We have now facilitated over 200 RSLs and have an enviable reputation 
for achieving creditably large transmission coverage whilst keeping 
within the legal constraints....."

Möglicherweise ist:
mit  320 kbps nur ein Test-Audio-Link für  "CrackersRadio", dessen ID 
gerade kam.

Denn CrackersRadio selbst hat "nur" 256 kbps hier:
"...Tune in Anytime, Anywhere,   Listen to Crackers Radio on the go via 
our FREE App ,  and  on DAB+ Cambridge,Glasgow & Norwich"

"......Later, Crackers Radio was created as a generic soul music online 
station by George, playing Soulful RnB, Neo Soul, Conscious soulful 
Hip-hop, Soulful house, and specialist shows like Soul Crackers focusing 
on the 70s and 80s Soul Funk and jazzy sounds synonymous with the 
crackers brand.
The station is now on-air in the Cambridgeshire area using DAB+, and has 
plans to be added to more multiplexes......"


Ich sehe bei deren Aktivitäten hier:

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