[A-DX] Fwd: WRMI new frequency 4980 khz [Bclnews]

Do Dez 27 19:15:07 CET 2018

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Betreff:     WRMI new frequency 4980 khz
Datum:     Thu, 27 Dec 2018 14:55:30 +0000
Von:          admin <>

WRMI is now on a new tropical band frequency:  4980 kHz.  The 
transmission is from 2100-0000 UTC, and the programming is Supreme 
Master TV (suprememastertv.com).  This is beamed to the Caribbean and 
Latin America; your reports to  or to the reception report 
form on our website (wrmi,net) would be most welcome.

L'articolo WRMI new frequency 4980 khz proviene da Bclnews. 

Laut WRMI Programm-Spreadsheet sendet man mit transmitter 3   ==> 160°  
Azimut,  d.h. gleiche Richtung wie die  9955 kHz.

Die Azimutalkarte habe ich eigentlich speziell für die SWRG-Aussendungen 
designed   (keine Relevanz der 4980 kHz).