[A-DX] Tecsun Radio Australia via SWRG#80 WRMI 7780 kHz [Achtung, enthält Produktplatzierungen] ;-)

Fr Dez 28 22:18:58 CET 2018

"..Finally, a stand-alone Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) Shortwave
Radio has arrived and is available for DRM and shortwave radio
enthusiasts to add to their collection.

The Tecsun Radios Australia Q-3061 DRM Shortwave Radio is the
culmination of several years work. Tecsun Radios Australia has
worked in close co-operation with the manufacturer providing
testing results from locations across the Pacific, including
Samoa, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Fiji, and New Zealand. Reception
of DRM signals in Australia requires many factors to be
optimised, because we are outside the traditional coverage area
of most broadcasters. Nevertheless, with an optimised antenna,
correct selection of DRM broadcaster, schedule and good
propagation conditions DRM signals can be received.

The Tecsun Radios Australia Q-3061 DRM Shortwave Radio is
primarily designed to receive and decode DRM Shortwave Radio
signals but the radio can also be used to receive traditional
Shortwave (AM) broadcasts, FM, and AM (MW) broadcasts. The Tecsun
Radios Australia Q-3061 DRM Shortwave Radio receives DRM, FM, and
Shortwave (AW) signals via the inbuilt telescopic antenna, or for
superior reception, the radio provides two dedicated external
antenna BNC connections for DRM, Shortwave (AM), FM, and AM (MW)
signals. On the FM band this receiver also decodes RDS where
broadcast. In slow tuning mode, the frequency step is reduced to
1 kHz. This is an advantage when tuning the extended MW band
(530-1710 kHz) to receive specialised broadcasters in Australia.

New DRM broadcasters are appearing every month. Heard every day
are:  RNZI (6115,9760 or 11690 Khz), Radio Kuwait (11970 kHz) and
the BBC Far Eastern Relay station in Singapore (15620 kHz). In
addition Radio China has been heard on 17800, 15580, 11695, and
6030 kHz. As the summer months roll on, expect propagation
conditions to improve.

Find out more and order your Tecsun Radios Australia Q-3061 DRM
Shortwave Radio now at www.tecsunradios.com.au

And remember, over the next 5 weeks Tecsun Radios Australia are
running a fantastic competition to win a Tecsun PL880 Radio prize
pack worth over $250 Australian Dollars.

Decode and share all 6 Tecsun Radios images on Twitter
@TecsunRadios and send them an email 
The winner will be judged by Garry on 1 February 2019. They’ll
even ship the prize pack anywhere in the world!....."


Keine Bange, diese DRM-Kiste ist nicht der Hauptpreis, sondern ein 
Tecsun PL 880. ;-)