[A-DX] WMR auf 15805 KHz?

Herbert Meixner
Mo Dez 31 18:28:52 CET 2018


World Music Radio on new 15805 kHz

World Music Radio (WMR) commenced broadcasting on 15805 kHz on December 
24th 2018 with a power of 200 W. Transmissions were irregular for the 
first couple of days, but should hopefully now be regular. The old 
transmitter and the simple aerial willing. Until January 6th 2019 the 
approx. hours of daily operation will be 0700-2000 UTC.   As from 
January 7th 15805 kHz will probably be on the air Saturday-Sunday only.

Power is only 200 W, which of course is a very low on the 19 meter band, 
propagation is quite poor on this band now – and the aerial (a simple 
dipole) is not very efficient so reception is quite difficult and 
irregular. So far –  poor to fair reception in Southern Europe has been 
observed in daytime till around 1300 UTC and fair to good reception in 
Ireland, Scotland, western England and Iceland has been experienced 
during evenings around 17-20 UTC.

Transmissions on 5840 kHz continues 24/7 with a power of 100 W.

The transmitter site for 5840 as well as 15805 kHz is Randers, Denmark.
Mit Gruss,