[A-DX] LOG: 6070 kHz Radio DARC 10.15z O=4-5

So Feb 4 11:37:45 CET 2018

etwas Fading,  Skipzone vermutlich bei 400 km,   nicht optimal im 
süddeutschen Raum, denke ich.

Der Artikel über den wieder-entdeckten Satelliten gab es auch beim 


Die Probleme mit der "alten Hardware":
"..............But just to make certain beyond a shadow of a doubt, NASA 
next attempt to capture and analyze data from the signal. The
challenge to decoding the signal is primarily technical. The
types of hardware and operating systems used in the IMAGE Mission
Operations Center no longer exist, and other systems have been
updated several versions beyond what they were at the time,
requiring significant reverse-engineering."

und dann war auch noch so etwas zu lesen, in einem RFA-Artikel:


 From Radio Free Asia: North Korea Installs New Radio Devices to Catch 
Illegally Calling Abroad  / 31 January 2018

"......North Korea has installed new Russian-made radio locators along
sections of its 880-mile border with China to detect citizens
placing illegal mobile-phone calls to friends and relatives
outside the isolated authoritarian country, sources said.
.........The Russian devices perform better than the German ones that
authorities have been using and are especially "terrorizing"
executives in government's run companies who frequently make
illegal calls to the outside world, they said.
........"They are known to perform better than German radio locators that
are already installed, so those who use illegal phone users are
filled with terror about them," said the source, who requested


(geschrieben und versendet mit etwa 15 Jahre alter Hardware)