[A-DX] Log: Dandal Kura Radio Int./Radio Ndarason Int. 12050 kHz 1820 UTC

Patrick Robic
Mi Feb 28 20:21:42 CET 2018

Hallo !

Am 28.02.2018 um 20:03 schrieb Felix Name auf Wunsch gelöscht:
> Am 28.02.2018 um 19:40 schrieb Patrick Robic:
>> Ist das jetzt technisch bedingt, oder findet hier ein Radiokrieg statt ?
> <https://www.radioeins.de/programm/sendungen/medienmagazin/radio_news/beitraege/2015/boko_haram.html
Auf hfunderground.com findet sich der unten folgende Beitrag.
Die Station ist also echt - es handelt sich um die Schwesterstation von 
Dandal Kura für den Tschad. Warum aber beide Programme zu hören sind ist 
nicht bekannt.

> I saw this email exchange between Mr. Hauser and the op: thx Glenn!!!
> ``Mr Smith, We in the shortwave community are trying to
> figure out what is going on, with Radio Ndarason
> International seemingly replacing Radio Dandal Kura.
> On the new webpage of Ndarason you are listed as the CEO of
> it. The phone number starting 235 implies it is based in
> Chad.
> The same web design of Dandal Kura has another person as
> CEO, and the phone starts with 234, as in Nigeria. It seems
> DK is still producing programming, at least on the web.
> Some of our monitors have heard two stations conflicting on
> 12050 kHz at 1800 UT, presumably these two. Also on 5960
> from 0500 UT it is not clear which one is being aired, or
> both, from France, or Ascension? Of course, we cannot
> understand the language(s), only try to catch an ID
> mention.
> Is Radio Ndarason for real, and are you running it? Or is it
> fake by the Nigerians? Was there a scism with Dandal Kura so
> both stations are laying claim to the schedule and
> frequencies? What does the name Ndarason mean?
> We would very much appreciate your answering these questions
> and explaining what is really happening.
> Thanks,
> Glenn Hauser
> ``Hi Glenn, Sorry for the delay in replying, I am travelling
> constantly in areas where connections are dodgy at best.
> Radio Ndarason is Dandal Kura Chad in the process of going
> through a change - that is, a separation from its Maiduguri
> sister station. The frequencies used for Dandal Kura are
> paid for by Okapi Consulting, with a goal of covering the
> Lake Chad region in the interests of stability and peace.
> There is no Nigerian government involvement in this
> decision. Okapi Consulting is registered in Chad as a local
> NGO, under head office in Johannesburg, and in partnership
> with the Lake Chad Basin Commission, based here in
> N’Djamena.
> We are equally confused about the frequencies being used
> apparently to relay Maiduguri programme. Okapi has had a
> contractual engagement with Babcock for these frequencies
> since the 4th quarter of 2017.
> In unrelated news - many years ago I used to work at RCI
> with Ian McFarland and hear your reports regularly on SWL
> Digest. I also worked with Jonathan Marks at the RNW.
> Kind regards, David
> David Smith
> Director/Directeur Okapi Consulting (Johannesburg)
> Directeur Projet/Project Director Radio Ndarason
> Internationale (Lac Tchad)
> http://www.okapi.cc
> RSA +27 72 378 8235
> Tchad +235 65 07 86 48
> Nigéria +234 814 767 4829