[A-DX] Fw: [bclnews.it] Radio Channel 292 - Interruzione temporanea 6070 kHz

Wolfgang Bueschel
Mi Jul 11 10:21:11 CEST 2018

re 6070 kHz Rohrdorf Waal Reparatur-Meldung von gestern,
diese hat wohl keinen realen Kern.

Da ist wohl zum wiederholten Male solch eine Fakemeldung
gegen die Ingolstädter 49mb Station Operation verteilt worden,
im Kleinkrieg, wie mit der Gegendarstellung
auf deren Webseite im letzten Jahr etc.
73 wb

comments in English:

I got this as a bcc and deleted the sender (below) from the reply chain.
I think this is a troll, possibly somebody trying to drive away listeners 
and/or broadcasters.
1.  This is NOT one of Rainer's regular email addresses.  I have sent an 
email to one of those asking confirmation
2.  I am a paying broadcaster.  If this were legit, I don't think this would 
be how I learned.

You can take this advice or leave it, but my advice is confirm via his 
regular email before you react.

William "Bill" Tilford, Owner/Producer

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Ciao a tutti.

Questa mattina, nella casella di posta elettronica ho trovato una mail da 
Radio Channel 292 che comunica l'interruzione, dal 13 luglio e per 3 mesi, 
delle trasmissioni su 6070 kHz, a causa di un problema tecnico. Se ho ben 
capito, devono reperire una valvola nuova per il trasmettitore.

La notizia è riportata anche sul sito dell'emittente.